... so that, as rapidly as possible, your staff feel themselves at home in the new surroundings.

Anyone moving into the area around Wetzlar is grateful for a little integration assistance – whether he is just coming from Munich or, for example from Japan.

Office Management

* takes on the responsibility for all formalities (from visa acquisition, through all registration procedures right up to TÜV acceptances [Technical testing authority])

* help in getting quickly acquainted with the infrastructure (from schools, to shopping and cultural facilities right up to the choice of a golf club)

* planning and organising the complete removal process (from the choice of an estate agent and suitable haulage contractors right up to the organisation of the housewarming party with new neighbours and colleagues)

* We are service providers in body and soul – in particular in the relocation sector, especially where “can’t be done” simply doesn’t exist


"Their well-founded knowledge skills in the field of planning and organisation made Frau Steen a substantial source of support for the company after only a few months."
Micromeasure GmbH, Linden